Fritz Beni Mobili is an artistic intervention, integrated into the daily framework of our small towns. It involves visual artists, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, poets, writers.

The massive migration from inland areas, the progressive depopulation of smaller towns is a silent process, but always in progress.
The signs "For sale" and "For rent" with their fluorescent colors and their telephone numbers are increasingly common in the downtowns that were once full of life. These colors stand out on the shop windows, on the doors of the houses and mean only one thing: here there was something, here there is no longer nothing.


With Fritz Beni Mobili we want to redefine the boundaries of abandonment, to give a new meaning to the void left, using its own visual elements (fluorescent colors) to overturn its meaning.

With a widespread art gallery in continuous evolution, empty spaces become a real wealth, an artistic and cultural journey, accessible to anyone.

Thanks to the contributors of the project, new posters will be produced and will be displayed on the windows of the venues participating giving rise to an open air exhibition. No more messages for sale and rent, but an urban art gallery.

*Messages of hate, discrimination will not be taken into consideration.


Send your artwork in black and white (only black will be printed) to, enter Title and Author in the body of the email.

Dimensions: 132.5x77.5 cm.
Minimum 200 DPI. No crop marks.